Acetic Acid, ACS Reagent, ≥99.7%


CAS Number 64-19-7
Molecular Formula CH3CO2H
Molecular Weight 60.05
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Image Size Packaging Short Description Price Quantity
1L HDPE 1 Liter Acetic Acid $ 32.00
1LX4 HDPE 4 X 1 Liter Acetic Acid $ 110.00
20L HDPE Jerrycan 20 Liter Acetic Acid $ 260.00
DRUM Drum Custom Quote for Bulk $1200 - 1800



AppearanceColorless Liquid
ACS Residue after Evaporation<0.001% wt. max.
Acetic Anhydride ACS<0.01% wt. max.
ACS Chloride<1 ppm max.
ACS Sulfate<1 ppm max.
ACS Heavy Metals <0.5 ppm max.
ACS Iron<0.2 ppm max.

Safety Information

Danger! Flammable liquid and vapor. Causes severe skin burns and eye damage. Keep away from heat/sparks/open flames/hot surfaces.

DOT: UN2789, Acetic acid, glacial, 8 (3), PG II

Additional Information

Not for food, drug, human, animal or household use. For laboratory, industrial or manufacturing only.

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