Citric Acid Anhydrous, FCC/USP


CAS Number 77-92-9
Linear Formula HOC(COOH)(CH2COOH)2
Molecular Weight 192.12
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Assay 99.5 – 100.5%
IdentificationPass Test
pH of a 5% at 25C4.5-6.0
AppearanceColorless Crystals and Granules
Color & Clarity of SolutionPass Test
Heavy Metals≤5 ppm
Oxalate≤100 ppm
Sulphate Ash≤0.05%
Calcium≤75 ppm
Iron≤5 ppm
Sulphate≤150 ppm
Readily Carbonisable SubstancesPass Test
Aluminum≤0.2 ppm
Arsenic≤1 ppm
Bacterial Endotoxins≤0.5 I.U./MG
Chloride≤50 ppm
Lead≤5 ppm
Mercury≤1 ppm
Organic Volatile ImpurityPass Test
Tridodecylamine≤0.1 ppm


Safety Information

Warning! Causes serious eye irritation. May cause respiratory irritation.

DOT: Not regulated. 


Additional Information

Conforms to FCC/USP/BP/E330 specifications. Suitable for all food, drug, animal and human uses. 10-40 mesh size granular.